Self Assessment

1. When asked what was touch like for you and your family of origin while you were growing up, does your mind go blank?
2. When hearing about touch-relationship therapy (TRT), is it something that you can’t get your arms around?
3. When reading about people that practice touch relationship therapy or professional cuddling, do you suspect that they are secretly doing something immoral, sexual, wrong; or, that it will lead to doing so?
4. Would you feel leery, or uncomfortable, around a person that openly admits to being a touch-relationship practitioner, or professional cuddler?
5, Do you feel a resistance, or reluctance, to these questions about touching and and being touched by a touch relationship therapy practitioner, or professional cuddler?
6. Does the thought of paying someone money to touch you, and letting you touch them, trigger a strong internal reaction within you?
7. Do you experience thoughts of danger, warning, or foreboding, *when you even consider* the possibility of knowing more about touch-relationship therapy or professional cuddling?
8. Are you concerned about what others might think of you if they know you went to a session with a touch relationship practitioner, or professional cuddler?
9. If you could secretly go to a touch relationship practitioner or professional cuddler and no one ever found out, would you consider it?
10. Regarding the level of touch in your current life is it an amount that you are satisfied with or are you barely satisfied with it?
11. Do you ever imagine living a life where touch and relationship are quite different than the way it is now for you?
12. Do you feel somewhere in your body right now that these questions have stirred something up, or opened Pandora’s Box in some important way?

If you answered “yes” to one, or more, of these questions you may have an internal conflict around touch that triggers a “fight, flight, or freeze” response within you.
You may feel that you cannot tell anyone, even those closest to you about the body sensations emotions and thoughts that you are experiencing right now. You may feel certain that they would either not understand, or would understand but judge you and that your reputation will be damaged permanently.
If that describes you, you may wish to keep your thoughts private until you are willing to share them. That can take some time, but it is also a protection mechanism for you. When you are willing, please let us know, Contact Us.