“I had my first touch-relationship therapy (TRT) experience with a man named Bob. We met at a coffee shop that was halfway between where we both lived. I was a little nervous, but Bob was very friendly and explained everything about TRT which put me at ease.

After about 15 minutes he asked me if I wanted to try a session at a public park. I told him I would like to give it a try.

He asked if he could hold my hand as we walked, and I said yes. We reached a lake with benches. The scenery was beautiful. He asked me if I wanted to try cuddling on the bench, and I said yes.


We touched each other’s arms, hands, faces, and faces, each time asking permission. We gave each other back rubs, which were great. Very relaxing. We stayed there for a few hours, and then walked back holding hands again.

It was a very pleasant, relaxing, and secure feeling. We then gave each other a hug goodbye.

I was very glad to have Bob as my touch-relationship therapy practitioner that day, and would definitely do it again.

–B.W., New Jersey